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Xbox One is currently the most advanced gaming system after personal computers and the PlayStation 4 console.

The library of projects counts about five hundred games, some of which are under construction. This is not counting games from the console of the past generation – Xbox 360, with some projects for which the Xbox One is back compatible. Whatever genre you prefer, everyone can find a game to their liking.

Since prices for console games are very high by the standards of Russian salaries, everyone wants to spend their money profitably. But what do those who have recently joined the world of video game entertainment and have not yet learned to distinguish good projects from bad ones?

This is where the team of specialists with Willungamedia.com comes to the rescue. The staff of authors consists entirely of true enthusiasts of their business, not only well versed in games, but also able to express their opinion in a competent and accessible language. After all, beautifully written text is not just pleasant to read – it can also instill in you a love for a project that has gone unnoticed. Who knows, maybe this game will become for you one of your favorite?

As the games for Xbox One are released, we put each of them into our extensive encyclopedia. In it you can find out detailed information about any project: who was the developer, and who the publisher, on what other systems the game came out, when the release took place, what genre it belongs to and so on. And many people like to play in a noisy company or against live players online. In this case, it will be useful to know which of the projects support the game for two or more players, and which have a network mode in their arsenal. Also you will have the opportunity to see screenshots and videos. To many games there are passages and a list of codes. If you are stuck in the process of passing any place – it is possible that it is Willungamedia.com that will help you solve a complicated puzzle or curb a stern boss.

In order for you to more easily navigate the variety of games presented, we periodically compose the tops of the most relevant projects for Xbox One. Let’s say the most anticipated games of 2015. Or the best shooter for Xbox One. By affirming such lists, we necessarily take into account not only the opinions of our experts, but also the readers.
With the help of the portal Willungamedia.com you can also be aware of the most relevant news from the world of video games. We try to submit information as quickly as possible, that visitors to our site have been the first to know about everything. In addition, our editorial staff has the opportunity to directly conduct a dialogue with many eminent developers and publishers, visit the largest exhibitions, so we periodically delight our readers with exclusive interviews and other materials that you will not see on other resources.

Since the portal Willungamedia.com has existed for a long time, for many years we were engaged in reviews of the best projects for the Xbox 360 and carefully managed the corresponding card file in the database. If you did not get acquainted with any of the games at one time – it’s time to do it now.

Portal Willungamedia.com has a close relationship with the readers. You can always leave a comment on any news, review and other materials, and if necessary – contact the author of the article or the editor-in-chief and get answers to the questions you are interested in.