Free logical miniclip games online

Free miniclip games onlineMost projects are designed for entertainment only, so only a few help to train the logic. Tired of mindlessly clap your mouse and shoot at targets? Today you will learn about the best simple logic games. They will make you move your brains, teach you to concentrate and achieve your goals. Are you ready to get acquainted with top projects? Remember, on our platform you can not only read, but also play simple logical online games.

A few examples

Penetration on an airship is a fascinating quest. The aircraft was seized by terrorists. Fortunately, you are a superhero with abilities. Your task is to get on board the ship and save the comrade. Remember, your actions can lead to fatal consequences, so think carefully before you blow up the turbine or activate the laser;

Around the world in 80 days – a simple online logic game. Before you go on a trip, find all the necessary things. The meaning of the application is simple – you collect precious stones in a row, and they disappear. Your task is to make sure that the necessary items are on the bottom cage. Free to play a simple game of logic around the world in 80 days can be on the platform Miniclip Games;

miniclip games online for free

Forge monsters: ready for tense battles in the arena? Then look in the lab and create a monster you like. After that, go to the arena and try your luck. Having earned a fee, create new types and challenge even more powerful rivals. You can play online for free without registering;

Bless the monkey: in the country of the monkeys came the idyll, but the main character does not like it. Your task is to perform tasks and create chaos. In the beginning, you mock the clown, and then blow up the building. The application can be played for free;

Three sheep – an arcade about unfortunate animals. To save the family from imminent death, find the way home. Ride on cars, jump home, solve puzzles, etc. Not all simple logic games boast of easy control and the ability to switch between heroes.


Logic miniclip gamesOn the platform of Miniclip Games you will find a variety of logical games. Some will help you to train your memory, while others will teach you how to concentrate, overcome difficulties, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can learn how to connect wires or go to another planet and fight monsters. There are a lot of projects and all of them are different, but in spite of this they are united by easy control and fascinating gameplay. The opposite of the genre is the RPG Birth of the Legend. Ready to become a hero and go to exterminate monsters?